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Customer Acquisition & Sales

Today’s challenged economy and competitive climate requires a business partner who understands the critical importance that customer relationships have on an organizations brand and public image. At NCB, our core mission is to maximize customer engagement through repeated, satisfied interactions that strengthen the emotional connection a customer has with both our clients and NCB brands.

NCB’s makes it our business to truly know your business. By employing highly trained and skilled telephone representatives, NCB has been supporting both inbound and outbound sales efforts for a number of organizations in a wide variety of industries.

NCB takes the necessary time to collaborate with our clients in order to custom-build programs that are designed to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Workflow and analytical models are crafted to meet the unique customer base of each individual client.

All businesses require a consistent and fresh flow of new customer leads. More important, the ability to convert a lead today into a customer for tomorrow is a necessity for all organizations. Implementing NCB’s Call Center Customer Marketing Program (CCCM) allows an organization to maximize your growth potential while managing expenses.

NCB operates in every step of the sales order process, including both pre and post sale opportunities, product servicing, cross selling, up-selling, and new order processing.

Common Programs:

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Renewals
  • Regaining Lost Customers


  • Reduction in redundant process management and expense
  • Streamlined internal approval process
  • Reduction in operating risk
  • Mitigation of delivery risk
  • Standardization of operational processes



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