You may arrange by phone to repay your debt over a period of time by authorizing us to initiate a series of electronic payments (“Payments”) from a deposit account of yours that you identify (the “Account”).  YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ARRANGE FOR OR AUTHORIZE ANY PAYMENTS OF THIS TYPE.

Payment Authorization by Phone.  By (1) calling NCB Management Services, Inc. at the toll free number listed on the front of this letter or taking a call from us; (2) specifying the amounts and dates of Payments you would like to make; (3) identifying your Account; and (4) electronically signing this Authorization, you authorize us to initiate Payments from your Account in the amounts and on or after the dates that you specify, until your debt is paid in full.

Correcting Erroneous Payments; Unsuccessful Payments. In the event that we make an error in processing a Payment, you authorize us to initiate a Payment to correct the error.  You also authorize us to resubmit any unsuccessful Payment.

Right to Cancel.  You may cancel this Authorization by calling us toll free at 800-828-1110 at least three business days before you wish the cancellation to be effective.



This communication is from a debt collector.  The purpose of this notice is to collect a debt.  Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.