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Ralph Liberio

Ralph Liberio
President & CEO

Over 22 years of ARM and call center experience. Responsible for all aspects of operations. Instrumental in driving client performance, work standards, and company policies. Responsible for partnerships and continues to strategically plan and drive consistent staff performance. Anticipates and recognizes the need for employee coaching and implements principles that continue to facilitate portfolio performance and client satisfaction.
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James Lasala

James Lasala
Chief Financial Officer

More than 20 years of experience in the ARM and call center industry. Responsible for all finance and accounting functions at NCB and NACC. Focus on transaction processing and internal controls.

Joe Kimsal

Joe Kimsal
Chief Compliance Officer

Joined NCB in 2001. Over 30 years of Accounts Receivable Management, Call-Center Operations and leadership experience. Prior to his current role, Joe has held a number of senior level management positions where he led large call-center recovery operations teams, and has been responsible for talent and skill development across the organization. Implemented and executed the designed training modules to improve collection effectiveness and compliance in today's demanding environment. Responsible for and manages all quality, compliance and audit functions of day to day operations.

Susan Richards

Susan Richards
Chief Operating Officer

Sue Richards has more than 20-years of collections operation and industry experience. Since joining NCB in 2000, Sue has been an intricate part of NCB's overall success. Sue is currently Responsible for all owned portfolio initiatives and is the Subject Matter Expert in collection strategies, training and development, communications, employee engagement, and motivation.


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