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NCB’s Healthcare Debt Recovery Program is designed to deliver a customized, fully scalable collections approach in order to maximize recoveries while protecting the reputation of each and every individual care provider. Whether you are large hospital, large medical practice or are a single practitioner we understand that cash flow is negatively affected by slow-paying patients and unresolved insurance claims.

In today’s uncertain economy one with nearly double digit employment rates, many healthcare institutions and providers are seeing an increase in healthcare delinquencies as the result of the rise in the number of self-pay patients, as well as larger co-pays and deductibles. NCB’s patient-centric collection approach provides our clients with a collection service that results with a positive impact on these delinquent receivables. NCB skilled work force and collection strategy can be customized in either a first-party or third-party approach/intervention.

“The right “prescription” makes all of the difference”

In today’s heighted level of scrutiny, choosing a business partner with “collection know-how” is simply not enough. Your business partner today must be one who understands the need to conduct their activities in a respectful, ethical and courteous manner. At NCB our program is designed to maximize cash flow while always keeping patient relationships intact. We take great pride in our ability to ensure patients are comfortable returning for medical care.

What We Deliver:

  • A scalable, sustainable recovery intervention
  • Experienced healthcare representatives
  • Fully Trained on FDCPA and HIPAA
  • Customized Recovery Strategy
  • Robust Scoring and Segmentation Modeling
  • Low Complaint Rates
  • Dedicated Client/Patient Liaisons
  • Secured Data Processing – ISO Compliant & SAS70 Certified


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