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Whether it be an Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) solution, a Call Center Management (CCM) solution or a Information Technology Sourcing service (ITS), NCB has the scale, skill, capacity and resources to be your first choice when choosing a business partner.

NCB’s goal is to provide our clients with superior support while improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of their business functions. By blending many years of collection experience, with the latest in new information systems and  communication technology, NCB has consistently achieved superior results in a wide variety of applications. Achieving superior results and protecting our client’s reputation and brand are NCB's highest priorities. 

Over the past two decades, NCB has developed a substantial network of industry-leading business partners in a wide variety of markets including, bank card, consumer lending, retail, auto, transportation, education, technology and various commercial businesses.  Our representatives are experts in their field and are well versed in the challenges that each product introduces.  They are also continuously educated on compliance, quality and regulations that affect each of our clients and their respective industries.  This expertise results in un-matched service

How We Get There……

NCB invests significantly in their specialized  and comprehensive in-house training programs which requires all staff of NCB to attend and successfully graduate.   By developing the most motivated, highly trained, top performing representatives in the industry, our staff has the know-how to achieve superior results.  

The training programs provide our representatives with the skills needed to produce results while providing them with the ability to deliver superior customer service.

Guided by experienced direct supervision, including close monitoring and aided by accessible comprehensive policy manuals, our  staff has  the negotiating skills and the knowledge to make the correct decisions in various situations while properly observing all quality assurance and compliance requirements.

  • Expert Executive Management Team with an average of 20+ years  of industry experience
  • Highly skilled and motivated Representatives
  • Our staff embraces NCB’s strategy that simultaneously rewards both competitiveness and interactive teamwork

NCB’s cutting edge technology and intelligent process management are the backbone of our business.  Our proprietary applications and sophisticated systems along a fully on-site, dedicated IT and Programming team support representative productivity and client requirements.

Our scalable system and on-site programmers enable NCB to integrate seamlessly with our clients’ software platforms and create unique solutions and reporting mechanisms specific to their needs. We provide high-tech building and information security, external audit certifications and redundant system capabilities to secure and protect private information.

NCB places top priority on ensuring that our clients’ data is secure and at minimal risk  of  being  compromised.  NCB is PCI compliant/certified. In addition, we also perform annual SAS70 Type II audits to ensure that we are implementing controls that comprise best practices in the industry for information security and compliance. NCB has consistently received satisfactory ratings and uses these audits to stay abreast of evolving trends in security awareness.

  • Tools & Technology to promote and control collector effectiveness
  • Robust data security systems and programs with annual industry-recognized third-party audits & certifications
  • Our programming and IT staff have more than 20+ years of collection specific industry experience
  • Our  proprietary collection system was designed and enhanced over the years with one focus in mind…  collector effectiveness and efficiency
  • We utilize on-site programmers and sophisticated skip-tracing software to support collector productivity and client needs
  • Our  IT and boarding capabilities enable us to integrate with a new client’s platform quicker and more seamlessly than most other  systems
  • We deliver unique solutions and reporting capabilities specific to your needs
  • We provide high-tech physical and information security, PCI compliance and SAS70 Type II certification

Client Service
We view our relationship with you as a partnership that demands from us the highest commitment to service and performance on your behalf. NCB takes considerable pride in its ability to custom tailor any area of the business process in order to meet the unique requirements and objectives of our clients. We have been consistently successful in adapting and modifying both traditional as well as customized methodologies for each of our clients. Whether it’s customized programming, dedicated liaisons or detailed reporting, our main goal is focused on designing programs that supplement or compliment our clients current needs and work efforts.

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